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Private trainer, weight management in Saigon (Vn): Core Fitness – Testimony

Come to Core Fitness to get the best service and hot body in our center at Ho Chi Minh City.


Lee Nguyen

Updating ...



Steve Chipman

As one of our Chief Head Instructor Trainers, Patrick has been instrumental in helping us develop the knowledge base ...



Savant Young

My name is Savant Young im a professional MMA fighter and I have worked with Patrick Nguyen to get ...



Dr. Christophe Savouré D.C.

I am a licensed chiropractor and met Patrick in HoChiMinh. It is one thing to know the ...



Steve Jennings

I've been training regularly for the past 17 years with various gyms around the world, and Patrick is one ...



Dr. Mark Siefring

I always thought I was in good physical condition and in relative ...




I am a senior executive working for a multinational company based in Southeast Asia where I have been living for ...



Tom Birsinger

I am a 44 year old man who has played sports my whole ...



Raphael Wolf

I arrived at the gym fresh out of knee replacement surgery, needing help with range of motion and substantial ...



Tri Nguyen

Patrick is a very dedicated personal trainer who really cares for his clients. He is very knowledgeable and extremely ...



365 Singer Group

Mr Huấn - A hard core master! Nếu như bạn muốn có một chế độ tập luyện cực ...



Sean Boyd

I was looking for a little guidance to mix up my workouts a bit as I was getting older. ...



Marc Guilhem

I have been training with Patrick for several years. He is one of the only trainer that could tailor ...



George Nguyen

I've been working with Patrick for more than a year now and am incredibly happy with the results. He's ...

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