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Testimony - Laurent

Come to Core Fitness to get the best service and hot body in our center at Ho Chi Minh City.


I am a senior executive working for a multinational company based in Southeast Asia where I have been living for many of years.

In November 2008 I made a lifestyle change as I realized I was on the slippery slope normally leading any fat mid-40's males straight to the stroke, so I decided to get me back.

I dropped 20 kilos in 18 months’ time by my own. Since then I have run 5,000 km mostly on treadmills and made pretty much all mistakes forlorn gym rat ever did.

Willy-nilly I managed to build some muscle but at the expense of all flexibility, balance, not a day without joint pain, muscle torn, aching all over…

As I moved to HCMC four months ago I started working out with Patrick. He spotted immediately the weak points and challenged me with the most demanding program I could imagine, pushing me beyond the limits, yet safely. The effects of such hardcore training start to show on core strength, balance, posture and flexibility. Now I expect in another few months to be able to engage in sports I thought I had to forget forever. Patrick is a skilled professional. Where he will take you only depends on your motivation. He knows the job and how to get it done right and safe. On top he is a very nice guy with a good heart.




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