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Testimony - Steve Jennings

Come to Core Fitness to get the best service and hot body in our center at Ho Chi Minh City.

Steve-JenningsI've been training regularly for the past 17 years with various gyms around the world, and Patrick is one of the most knowledgable and accomplished instructors I've ever met. He uses his vast experience in martial arts to help me improve in every session, and while he can be a good laugh, he also takes his job very seriously. He's helped me recover from a couple of sports injuries as he knows the body's anatomy and how is works as well as anybody. He still strives to always increase his know how and has lots of advice on how to push your body to the limit while reducing risk of injury. I would recommend Patrick and his fellow trainers to anybody living in Saigon, no matter what their individual level or needs.

Steve Jennings, MA, Celta, PGCE
International School Teacher


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