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Testimony - Savant Young

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Savant-YoungMy name is Savant Young im a professional MMA fighter and I have worked with Patrick Nguyen to get ready for numerous fights. What I can honestly say is he has helped me better understand how the body works and what exercises I should be doing to gain the maximum advantage in the cage. We implemented circuit training to our workout along with Muay Thai fundamentals and this has helped me become ranked #9 in the world at featherweight. Besides being a great coach Patrick is a better friend who truly cares about his clients on a personal level he is not just out for his personal gain and this is important when your looking for a trainer . I have not found another coach that has been on the same level since Patrick has moved back overseas but I can say I have remember everything he has taught me, And I appreciate the work i did get to do with him...

Savant Young
Professional MMA Fighter / Owner of FIGHT ACADEMY MMA. USA


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